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Britta Jaschinski (Germany/UK) won The Wildlife Photojournalist Award for this photo, titled "Broken cats," of big cats locked into obedience by their trainers' gaze at the Seven Star Park in Guilin, China.

Jaschinski explained that the cats have had their teeth and claws pulled out, and when not in the arena, they live in tiny cages visible how to get rid of squirrels behind the stage. At least one (center) is a captive-bred hybrid - part lion, part tiger.

In 2010, the Chinese authorities issued a directive, not legally binding, to zoos and animal parks to stop performances that involve wild animals. In many facilities across the country, it is still business as usual, with shows attracting audiences unaware of the scale of the abuse, neglect and cruelty involved.

For the past 20 years, the photographer has traveled extensively documenting the world how to get rid of squirrels of animals in captivity and their unnecessary suffering in the name of education and entertainment.

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