How To Choose A Recruitment Agency For Overseas Staff by Fred Molloy

In recent times, the concept of recruiting overseas staff has gained momentum. Many businesses have joined the bandwagon in their attempt to meet the unprecedented and increasing skills shortage. To keep afloat and to stay ahead of competitors, it is important that you recruit skilled staff to deliver what the business stands for. Recruiting overseas staff is a boon for many small and medium sized businesses to meet this challenge. International recruits may possess the skills and attitudes that will prove beneficial to you and your business.

It is a known fact that to have a migrant worker is a financial decision. It is less desirable to have this worked out wrongly. You need them as an asset to your business rather than a liability. A wrong choice will result in lost visa space on which you spent your time, money and effort. Hence, it is required that these international recruitment agencies are more diligent in choosing the right candidate.

The exercise to bring in overseas staff will be rewarding if you are able to choose an appropriate overseas staff recruitment agency. There are numerous businesses claiming to be the best in the industry. How would you differentiate the good from the bad? This write-up is essentially to give an insight to the key aspects, which you need to be aware of when engaging a recruitment agency for overseas staff.

Choosing a Recruitment Agency for Overseas Staff

Recruitment is a dynamic industry and it becomes overwhelming and confusing for prospective employers and candidates. In this maze, to choose the right recruitment agency for overseas staff becomes even more daunting. Some of the characteristics that you need to look out for when availing the service of a recruitment agency, especially for Overseas staff, is listed below.

Global Presence

A well-established recruitment agency with numerous clients and offices in different locations across cities, provinces or countries is a safe bet. Be cautious when signing up with a start up agency or one with a single office location.

There are international recruiters who claim they have offices in different countries. To affirm their claims are true, request for the business registration documents for the respective countries. This could be beneficial, as it will quickly tell you whether they are being honest or misleading you with false claims. They may be in reality working with an associate agency and this might cost you more dearly. This also means that the recruitment process and most importantly screening of the applicants are not under their control.


It is important that the recruitment agency has the relevant experience in recruiting international staff in addition to guide and lead you smoothly through the transition process. It is advisable to choose a recruiting agency, which has been continuously working with Overseas recruitment and with good reputation.

An experienced recruitment agency is more likely to be aware of the laws of the countries from which the applicant hail from. As they are empowered with this knowledge, this will quicken the process to get them to your country after visa issuance. This requires experience in visa and immigration rules of both countries. This is a salient feature to look for when engaging a recruiting agency for overseas staff recruitment.

Reference Check

It is wise to carry out a thorough check on the recruitment agency that you wish to engage for recruitment. You should request for client testimonials and case studies to confirm their authenticity. Ideally, they should provide these without much delay. Needless to add, this should be followed up with a background check of the testimonials to ensure they are clients and not pseudo businesses.

Some shady recruitment agencies are famous in providing Client contacts with a foreign sounding name. Do not hesitate to insist in getting a reference from a client in your own country or in a similar country. This way you can verify the legitimacy of the referred Business entity.

There could be occasions where an international recruitment agency might pass their relatives or friends as client or business employment agencies references. They would impress you with their polite, feasible and article manners. However in reality they might not be a business. Easier way to ascertain this would be to do a search on Google maps. If they are a listed business, the chances are very rare that you wouldn't find them on google maps or other business directory.


Websites depicts the degree of professionalism maintained by an organisation. This platform serves as a tool for interaction and serves as the public face of the business. Being part of the social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the like is a clear indication of whether they are with the flow.


Website would be a good start to obtain information about any prospective recruitment agency. Other sources to check their reputation would be through newspapers, magazines and word-of-mouth. This will give you information on how the business is viewed in the public eye. Review their website to see whether they are informative, articulate and influential with a reputation in the industry.

You have a reputation and brand name in your industry. You are gauged by the way you conduct your business and especially your HR practices. You definitely will be concerned that your reputation is upheld in all circumstances. There are occasion where international recruiters overcharge their applicants. This in turn would mar your reputation. It would be advisable to get them disclose how much if any they charge their applicants rockville temp agency for their services. What has been portrayed as free or low cost could actually cost the applicant. This in turn can damage your brand identity with the unassuming applicant believing that it is being charged rather than the agency itself.


A genuine recruiter is ready to offer good, helpful and honest advice and is foresighted. It would be beneficial if your international recruiter is capable of providing relevant information that you need to know, preparing you what to expect and assist you in making the right decision drawn from their past experience. However, this is possible only with recruitment agencies that has a global presence and/ or networked with industry partners, to source skilled staff from different countries.

The recruiting consultant would work out options in the best interest of the client drawing from previous work experience. He/She would be willing to spend atleast 30-40 minutes of friendly and professional initial consultation to gain a complete understanding of your requirements and follow-up for further information as and when the need arises.


Recruitment agencies that provide quick turn-around-time for emails and telephone queries, is a good sign that they take their profession seriously. This can be anything from phone calls being answered quickly, politely and in a professional manner; email etiquette; regular updates on websites etc. It would be advantageous to have your queries answered quickly so that you have a smooth sail in this entire process. Turnaround time is an important feature to look-out when choosing a recruitment agency.


How the recruitment agency consultants conduct their business is a reflection of the business image and principles. Evaluating and assessing all aspects of the consultants' performance is important. Acting professionally in all circumstances, being knowledgeable about their clients and industry, keen to listen and offer advise accordingly, are some of the desired qualities in a recruitment consultant. It is crucial to ensure that they will be able to represent your business values and thereby attract skills appropriate to your business.

A combination of these key traits will help you zero down on the appropriate recruitment agency that will provide efficient professional service and from where you can build a lasting business relationship.

what is a breathalyzer test that is .022?

Breathalyzers measure blood alcohol content as a percentage. A reading of .022 could be registering just one drink taken in the last hour. Generally, alcohol will dissipate at the rate of .015% per hour.

If the New Jersey limit is .08 you are presumed to be drunk if you test at .08 or higher. Mathematically, .022 is less than .08. A person who tests at .022 is not presumed to be drunk. This makes a difference in court. If you are presumed to be drunk, it driving under the influence is up to you to prove that you were not. If you did not test at .08 or higher, it is up to the prosecutor to prove that you were drunk. You can be charged with dui attorney driving under the influence even if you test at less than .08. But the test does not help the prosecutor as much as it would if you tested higher.

Houston Lawyer, Jack Carroll, discusses facts about DWI

Houston Lawyer, Jack Carroll, discusses facts about DWI

 by: Jack Carroll

You thought it could never happen to you, but suddenly you find yourself in a situation that you did not expect. What do you do? Contact Texas drunk driving defense lawyers Jack Carroll or Don Becker to protect your rights! The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles can suspend your license if you refuse to take a breath test, blood test, or urine test. WARNING! You have a limited amount of time (15 days) in which to appeal this administrative license suspension.

When you have been investigate or arrested for any criminal offense such as Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), or any Felony Charge, you have an absolute right to be concerned. Facing criminal charges may be one of the most frightening things you have encountered. Some of the possible consequences that can result from a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) conviction include the restriction or loss of a driver's license, an increase in insurance cost, fines, court costs, and even the possibility of jail. As you can see, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) can be a very serious charge.

The Texas law says that the District Attorney need only to prove that after drinking you were not able to drive your car in a "normal" capacity. That sounds pretty cut and dry, but it is not quite as simple as that.

You see, if challenged, the District Attorney must also show all of the following:

That the arresting officer made the arrest properly,

That you were properly advised of your rights,

That the equipment the officer used to test you was working, accurately,


Also, the office that administered the "standard field sobriety tests" should have successfully completed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Standardized Field Sobriety Testing studenfst class before administering these tests. We have handled hundreds of (DWI) cases and know every trick and nuance officers use to cause you to fail. Before and at trial we will grade the officers to ensure that he or she conducted the tests properly. If the tests were not conducted properly, this can be disclosed to the District Attorney or the jury to show that the tests results were unreliable and should not be believed.

When you retain Jack or Don, not some underling, we will insist that the District Attorney provide us bicycle riding attorney with the names and address of anyone he plans to call as a witness as well as copies of every written or recorded statements of their testimony. This will allow us to prepare our questions we ask them.

We will insist on receiving copies of any videos that show your sobriety tests, whether in the field or at the station.

We will insist on receiving copies of records showing that the equipment used for test was functioning properly and that the person giving the test was properly certified/

As you can see, what looks simple gets pretty complex. As your criminal defense attorney we will insist that all this information be provided and we will walk through all this information as we discuss and proceed on your case.

DRIVER LICENSE SUSPENSION - Your arrest may have included a cancellation of your Texas driving privileges for a specific period of time. YOU HAVE ONLY 15 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF YOUR ARREST TO REQUEST A HEARING ON THIS MATTER. We believe that this hearing is extremely important, not only to challenge your suspension but also as an opportunity for your attorney to question the arresting officer to find out exactly what he is going to say in court. If you retain our firm to represent you, part of that representation includes representing you at the driver license suspension. However, remember you must request this hearing no later than 15 days from your arrest so it is important that you contact us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. If your Texas driving privileges are ultimately suspended, in most cases we can get you an Occupational License that will allow you to drive divorce lawyer md to and from work.

WARNING TEXAS DRIVER LICENSE SURCHARGE! Beginning with any Texas DWI Conviction for an offense committed on or after 09/01/03, the Texas Department If Public Safety is authorized to charge a surcharge on your Driver's License. This charge will range from $1,000.00 to $2000.000 a year for three years. Depending on whether you provided a breath sample, and the results were positive for intoxication, you could be facing a $6,000.00 fee to keep your license.

The government with all of its resources can frequently make your life miserable; regardless of whether you have actually committed the crime. Real life criminal law is NOT like television. Cases are not resolved in one hour, and the solutions are normally not simple. Hiring a criminal defense attorney can be the most important decision you make.

About The Author

Jack Carroll

Carroll and Becker




Not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

This article is designed for general information only. This information is not intended to be legal advice. Consult an attorney for before making any legal decisions based on your individual circumstances.

This article was posted on September 16, 2005


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3 Pressure Washer Uses for Outdoor Cleaning

OptionsRent vs Owning

Pressure washers are available to rent at most big-box hardware stores. The Home Depot in my neighborhood rents both gas and electric powered pressure washers. The electric one can be rented for $24 per hour or $35 per day.

Deciding whether to rent or own will vary depending on how much time is needed to get the job done, whether or local sealcoating companies not it will be used each year, and if you have a place to store it.

Rental pressure washers may be overkill for most home-owners. They are usually industrial strength and are extremely heavy and bulky. If you have many small projects that will be done driveway sealing temperature each year it may be worth buying a low-cost pressure washer.

Electric vs Gas powered

For simple home maintenance projects I would highly recommend an electric power washer instead of one that uses gasoline. It's easy enough to keep the electric cord out of the way during use and is better to not have to deal with the fumes from a gas engine.

PSI (pounds per square inch)

When selecting a pressure washer, PSI is a factor that should be considered. My newly purchased power washer is the lowest PSI available at Home Depot, 1400 PSI. It works great. If I had a model with a higher PSI, perhaps I could have done the patio cleaning job more quickly, but since I now own it, I don't anticipate letting as much dirt build up in the future. For most homeowners the lower PSI and lower-priced models should be adequate.

The price of the power washers spans a wide range, from $99 at the lowest to $799 at the highest. Obviously, the higher-priced models have a much higher PSI and may be better for industrial purposes or for pressure washer businesses.

To use detergent or not

Most pressure washers include a reservoir to place detergent or degreasers. Detergents are available for different types of surfaces, including siding, decks and fences; and concrete and driveways. Using a detergent is not required though to get a good result; oftentimes the high pressure alone is enough to lift up dirt and grime. However, it may be necessary for some grease and other stubborn stains.

If a chemical detergent is used it should be applied at a low pressure and precautions should be taken to protect the eyes and skin.

Precautions when using a pressure washer

Pressure washers can be extremely dangerous if they are not used properly. Damage can happen extremely fast so please be sure to read the owner's manual and follow precautions such driveway sealing how often as:

Always wear eye protection

Wear gloves and long pants and sleeves if using detergent

Remove loose objects before beginning

Use the correct driveway sealer pressure strength (by adjusting nozzle on wand or wand tips) for the type of surface

Do not use while standing on a ladder

Do not ever point at a person or pet

The following 30-second video showcases how powerful a pressure washer can be, and how quickly damage can occur.

Fixing Your Sewing Stitch Problems by David Trumble

The closet door opens. Your sewing machine is there neatly tucked away in its case. You pick it up and carry it to the kitchen table. You remove the case cover and take out your sewing machine. You are ready to sew.

Unfortunately, it does not work. Suddenly, the creative excitement and anticipation turn to outrageous frustration.

Like a roadside bomb or stepping on a nail; a surge of rage upsets the sewer. Messed up home furniture catalogue sewing machines can cause the most dedicated sewer to feel like quitting.

Sewing consistency includes regular sewing machine maintenance and care. Infrequent sewing, tends to increase basic sewing machine problems due in part to neglect. For both the occasional sewer and the more active sewers, it is important to identify sewing machine problems and resolve them.

When you are sewing, you may encounter many different types of problems, The challenge is to figure out what exactly is going on to cause those malfunctions.

When you sew, you come to expect certain things. Most of all you expect a properly formed stitch. When a good quality stitch fails to appear, it is a sewing crisis requiring immediate remedy.

Use a quick sewing test to find the problem. Set your sewing machine for a straight stitch with a medium length. Sew a four to five inch seam on standard woven fabric with a new universal point needle. Repeat the same using a medium width and medium length zig zag stitch.

Inspect your test seams. How do the stitches look? Ideally, the threads along the top of fabric snugly lay on top of the fabric separated by small puncture points. It should look the same when you inspect the bottom of the fabric.

What irregularities can be expected? You may see stitches with thread loops, wobbles, or balls. You may see missing stitches and other distortions. In extreme cases, stitches may fail to form altogether.

If you see skipped stitches or if your sewing machine fails to form stitches; there are three things to check. The thread line must be free of snags, drags, and errors. The needle can be critical. Hook-needle timing and hook-needle clearance must be properly adjusted.

The number one source of problems causing bad stitches is the needle. That small, inexpensive, and yet crucial part of your sewing machine can distort and disrupt proper stitch formation due to improper selection, dull point, or burrs.

Needles have different sizes and types of points. If the needle is too large or small for your fabric and/or thread; you will see distortions in your stitch quality. Sharp and universal points work well with woven fabrics, but will skip on knit or stretch fabrics. Ball point needles work well on stretchy fabrics, but will skip on woven fabrics. Bottom line: install a new needle that is right for the job, fabric, and thread.

Watch out for problems with the thread line. An easy and quick solution is to rethread the machine making sure you use good quality thread. Take special care to thread the machine checking for anything might snag the thread, to make sure the thread properly seats in the tension discs, and to double check that the thread flows through the tension spring and take up lever.

When the tensions are unbalanced; excess threads will collect under the fabric or on top of the fabric. While feed timing may, distort tensions causing threads to collect under the fabric due to faulty feeding. This, however, is much less common than the more frequent offset by either business furniture solutions the upper or lower tension assemblies. The solution is to adjust business furniture warehouse the upper tension. If excess appears under the fabric, increase the tension. If excess threads appear on top of the fabric, decrease the upper tension.

If all else fails, trust your sewing machine to the pros. They can quickly repair hook-needle adjustments to restore quality stitches.

Instead of panic; take charge. Use this simple sewing test. Make a few minor adjustments and enjoy sewing for hours. You can do it.

Your business. Your life.  

Learn From Us

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